Maintenance Works

Maintenance Works

Oliviya provides all kind of maintenance works such as Electrical, Painting, Plumbing, Office Maintenance and Shifting & Moving. We are undertaking the maintance works within our builded projects, based on AMC wise. In first year we provide all maintance works in free of cost. after first year we charged AMC(Annual Maintaince Charge). We completely assured you tension free life.

We are responsible for all maintenance works of flat such as painting, plumbing, all type of electical works, external decorations and repair of the building.

Oliviya ensures efficient and high quality villa maintenance in a good state of repair and feels fresh and clean for every renter with fresh paint.

We are handle Industrial Electrical Work, Electrical Installation Work, Industrial Electrical Construction Work and Interior Electrical Services.

Oliviya is a professional plumbing service, provides trained and trusted plumbers with standard pricing, We undertake all kind of plumbing works.

Office maintenance can convey a professional image to your clients and it is practice of cleaning an office and making sure that all the items in it are working properly.

Oliviya offer cost-effective range of Shifting and Moving services, we reduce the overhead and workload in a modern way and it makes their shifting is simple and secure.