Solar Plant

Solar Plant

Power your home with clean energy. Solar power system derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Oliviya offers online gris and power backup system, the expertise as well as tools required to provide the best feasible solution to clients across categories. We have worked on various projects across Kerala. We set up the facility to back up the collected solar power. Also we do online grid connected to KSEB, which Offers a cost efficient way of using the solar energy. In this the current produced is giving to KSEB in day time and bring it back at night time. We do plant designing, implementation based on the customers need.

We can implement this plants in hospital, govt and private office sector, appartments, hotels and residential villas etc. This system mainly offer energy saving and less expensive to maintains.



1stFloor, Sunny Junction Bulding, North Jn. Chalakudy, Thrissur

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